Survey of 16 human models available via the net

After many hours of surfing I found the following models, largely of poor quality:

Filename Polygons Description
man1.3ds 3,012 Body, 46 segments. Differs only in proportion. Problems: sloppy modeling. Good points: finger segmentation, fairly human shape, and standing in a decent reference position. Probably the best general-purpose model on this list, and polygon count is reasonable for realtime.
child12y.3ds 3,012 Body, 46 segments. Supposedly a 12-year-old version of man1.3ds. Despite 254 polygons on the head, it looks like a blob with a nose. There are splits and tears in the meshes due to poor modeling - same good and bad points as man1.3ds.
50pman.3ds 3,006 Very similar to man1.3ds, but only 15 segments instead of 46 (hands aren't segmented). Suffers from the same modeling errors and blob head. Apparently this model was shipped with 3D studio for years and is well-known with users of that product.


Unsegmented. Missing ears, feet replaced by shoes. Might be a decent model if it was segmented, since the poly count is low and fingers are at least rudimentarily present.
debbie.3ds 7,811 Body, un-segmented. Weird and garish cartoon anorexic blond female, with purple-pink clothes, hi-tech boots, and bracelets. Face has fully-modeled detail with eyebrows, eyeballs, lips, teeth, and nostrils. Would probably be difficult to segmentize, and the cartoon distortions are severe and bizarre.
face3.3ds 4,356 Face, un-segmented. Looks like a Cyberware scan of the front half of a head, from the ears forward, hair to neck. Uses 1 glossy material, so no color or texture information. Regular triangulated quad mesh, which explains the hig polygon count - no optimization has been done.
head1.3ds 920 Head, un-segmented. Kraftwerk-style head with low-polygon appearance. White skin, red colored-on lips, blue eyeballs, black hair. Fairly cartoon-distorted, serious expression. Many incorrect normals produces bad shading. Poor modeling.
head2.3ds 1,850 Head, un-segmented. Smoother mesh than head1, with accurate colors for flesh, lips and eyes. Wide nose. Unusual shape of head suggests cartoon. Again, incorrect normals lead to bad shading anomalies, could probably be fixed.
human.3ds 1,796 Body, un-segmented. Fairly efficiently-modeled male with large chest. Lacks fingers or toes (shoe-shaped feet). Significant cartoon distortion (thin wrists, incorrect placement of facial features).
maggie.3ds 15,782 (excluding couch) Body, 14 segments. Female, setting on a couch, legs crossed, very short light-blue dress, light-blue high heels. Not well segmented - "legs" are one object. Cartoon distortion includes breasts and arms, posture and segment naming suggests sexist caricature. Not suitable for any dynamic purpose.
man_hand.3ds 2,828 Hand, 14 segments. Black, with white fingernails (refers to missing MSKN_ANG.CEL texture). Appears to be fairly human except for odd shape of palm and placement of thumb. Lacks outermost thumb joint.
monica.3ds 19,582 Body, 14 segments. Similar figure to maggie.3ds put in a standing pose with black shoes. Poor segmentation (arms and legs are one object). Individually modeled lavender underware.
R96012~1.3ds 25,506 Body, un-segmented. Highly detailed middle-aged female, no clothes, no fingers. Hair tied behind head. Most accurately proportioned model on this list, but lack of segmentation, high polygon count, and lack of fingers are major drawbacks.


Hand, 14 segments. Female version of man_hand.3ds, thinner fingers, longer nails. Also references a missing texture. Has additional error in offset between palm and finger.
woman1.3ds 3,460 Body, 46 segments. Female version of man1.3ds. Addition of breasts and change in hip shape. Same pros and cons.
womanik.3ds 6,016 (excluding scenery) Body, 45 segments. Fully segmented fingers. Oddly shaped head, no nose. Fairly smooth mesh, which explains the high poly count.

Most of the above models, as well as other junk and anatomical models, are available from 3D CAFE.