Berlin in April

Christina and Stewart (125k)

I stayed with Stewart and his friend Christina, wonderful hosts and fun people.
friends and liqeuer (83k) We went out and bought lots of cheap fruity liqueur.  Yum!  Germany is definitely an alcohol-oriented culture.
scary fish (75k) Shopping at the KDW - "ka dei vei", an enormous shopping center in West Berlin.  I think the North Atlantic is running out of normal fish, because there were very scary things for sale, like this one.
yummy food (62k) The food all across Europe was attractive and incredibly delicious... here was lox hash, poached quail egg on mini-pancake and fresh greens... and cheap by bay area standards.
smart car (64k) Cute futuristic little cars were everywhere - why are there none in the USA?
mirror observation deck (182k) The German government building with the legislature in it had an observation deck where the public can go in and look down on the politicians!  Great idea.

Amsterdam in May

wende1.jpg (79678 bytes) We stayed a few days with artist friend Wende White (my wonderful deadhead ex-mother-in-law..)
carboat.jpg (103766 bytes) The occasion was a holiday known as "Queen's Day."  The streets were packed with people, and fun vehicles cruised the canals.
am_hats.jpg (83153 bytes) Fun shopping with Stewart, Shane and Twingo (aka. Nicole)
am_party1.jpg (115975 bytes) Spontaneous rave-like parties erupted in the streets.
am_boatdj.jpg (178003 bytes) This DJ / soundsystem was actually floating by on a boat.
am_mush.jpg (90018 bytes) Completely legal, in front of a coffee shop.
am_city.jpg (79785 bytes) A exhilarating city view, from the top of a very tall Ferris wheel.

Back at the ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie) in Karlruhe, May

tanks1.jpg (90684 bytes) Check out the cool isolation tanks.  Some people were doing an interactive art installation in which you climb in the tank for an hour, your bioemmisions (heart/breath) are recorded, turned in ambient music, and handed to you on a CD.  I had to try it.
tank_prep.jpg (53270 bytes) They strapped a waterproof recording/transmitter device on me...
tanks2.jpg (56722 bytes) And into the tank!  Unfortunately it was a really unpleasant experience - the water was incredible salty and the vapors were hard for me to breathe, had to keep opening the lid occasionally.
tanks_pan.jpg (119600 bytes) Another view of the pods.