2001: Pets

We can't have real pets in this apartment...
but we got some of the vegetable kind:

'Cheney' is a chenille plant...
It has some company: a Fuchsia and a couple small 'tree' ferns

plants_cheney.jpg (172671 bytes) plants_all.jpg (167386 bytes)

and some pets of the small, contained variety: Rats!

rats_apart.jpg (72498 bytes) rats_closed_eyes.jpg (86661 bytes)

Aren't they cute!?
Cassandra named them Java (the black-hooded one) and Smalltalk (the tan one).

They have totally different personalities...
Smalltalk is hyperactive, outgoing, friendly, loves to lick people.
Java is paranoid and lethargic.

with_both.jpg (105211 bytes)

They're gotten much bigger by now.  I really like playing with them.
(We later got a grey hairless rat, named Perl)