Misc. Photos 2002

February, Cassandra and move into a new apartment complex ("yuppie hive").  Here i am in the new space surrounded by mess.
We took a trip to Europe (mostly Amsterdam)  Here she is at the top of the castle in Karlsruhe looking south over the city.  We never did find our friends there; it turned out they were in Berlin the whole time.
I went up to Spokane, WA to work for Linesoft.  Spokane was really beautiful in the springtime, even though the area i worked in was suffering from the usual ugly urban sprawl.  There was a wonderful bike trail along the river, which i rode one day all the way to the Idaho border.
A couple of the great Linesoft guys i worked with - Joe and Mike.  We're outside a friendly, hip restaurant in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, owned by friends of Fred (holding the camera).
A cool thing about visiting Spokane was that i got to visit with Daya, an old friend of my biological parents.  They spent years together around the SF Zen Center in the 60s and 70s.  The large rock in Daya's front yard is named "Shunryu", after Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi who founded the Zen Center (and ordained my Dad).
Next job was in New York City, on the 11th floor of a building on Broadway in Lower Manhattan.  Nice office!
I stayed mostly with my "Hawai`i parents" at their Siddha Yoga ashram on the Upper West Side (short building on the left).
At Burning Man 2002, i drove up with Josh and hung out (literally) with some cool friends of his who really had their trip together and built a great dome with webbing.
The best thing about Burning Man was getting to visit with friends which are difficult to see, on account of them living far from the Bay Area, like Mantid and Maki (great artistic pix here by Kia).  The other highlight was Friday evening, when the high desert put on an incredible show: a beautiful sunset in the West, huge dark storm clouds with lighting in the North, clear blue sky in the South, a rainbow in the East, and a light rainfall, all at the same moment!
Back in New York.  This is actually the view from my office window!
At home, holding our hairless rat, Perl.  For rats, Perl and Java have lived a really long time, probably because i spoil them.  Smalltalk, sadly, died after about a year.
A moment i'm proud of; Dr. Mike Flaxman giving a talk Siggraph 2002 on his work which used the VTP.
Back in New York, i took the Staten Island Ferry with my folks.  Statue of Liberty in background - a long, long way from Ahualoa!
On October 25, a whole bunch of folks who used to work for Sense8, met at a park in Larkspur to play volleyball and catch up.  Sadly, with the Bay Area economy the way it is, most of these great folks were looking or soon-looking for work..

December: Trip home to Hawai`i

I discovered that having large numbers of wild turkeys come through your land is now an ordinary experience.  They weren't there at all when i was a kid, something must have changed.  The turkeys seemed quite oblivious and nonchalant, like they weren't scared of anything.
The land was overgrown with weed species to the point where it was impassible.  Charles from next door loaned me his chainsaw and showed me how to use it.  Fun!  Here i am demonstrating a disturbing lack of safety gear.  The trail along the fence (next to my left arm in this photo) took days to clear with rake, machete, sickle, weedwacker, chainsaw, and bare hands.
Mom, Granny, Jerum and Renee at the Kona airport.
Jim and i.
Mom and Granny on the porch in the morning sunshine.  Granny is still sharp as a tack at the age of 94!  I hope i'll be like that too...