photos 2003, part 2

Deb on our first date, March 26.  A still frame doesn't capture how pretty she is.
Fortunately i had my new spiffy Sony camera with a video mode..


Pictures from a subsequent date, a trip into Queens in search of a recommended Thai restaurant.  Early spring evening, still a bit cold so we're bundled up.  After some adventure, we found good but intensely spicy Thai food.  Beware asking for "medium"!
"Why is he taking pictures of me?? I'm on the phone!"
By this time, i have a big smile on my face whenever i'm watching her.
Out with friends for Sakura-watching at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
  Deb's birthday.  The "cake" is actually a monster-sized Payard pastry.  The present is a cute color Zire with a built-in camera..

My Romanian tutors, Rodica and Cristian.  I manage to go every week, gradually improving, but still far from 'conversational'...
  Deb and friend Deanna joking around on the train to the airport for their whirlwind trip to Italy.
  We go back to to California for Josh and Helen's wedding.  Flying on the Forth of July, the amazing live mini TV on JetBlue lets us watch the fireworks over NYC as we're flying away from them.  ..and a nice picture taken by a professional at the wedding reception.