Samuel Sigmund Schlank

Father: Rudolph Schlank

Mother: Rosie


DEATH: 25 May 1937 at Los Angeles

became a US citizen Oct 4, 1900 in Douglas Co., Nebraska

MARRIAGE#1: Laura Kopold

My uncle Alan was contacted by some Schlank person from the same family.
Rudy's relatives (Schlank) were in the theatre in 1935 in Omaha, NE

According to Ruth O'Neal: "Sam Schlank married Laura Kopald, FIRST COUSINS (usual in Europe), so families get snagged a bit. One was born in Krakow, the other in, if I remember, a town beginning with a D...Dachau?? Doesn't seem right, but it was in one of those oven places, so I always figured the families in Europe were incinerated ends.
Sam Schlank was engaged to a beautiful Kopald sister, but she died young...Gussie?, Fannie?? so he married Laura instead. (usual in Europe)."