Guy Haines

Father: Frederick Haines

Mother: Sarah (Guy) Haines

BIRTH: March 10, 1831 in Lancaster Couty, Pennsylvania

DEATH: December 20, 1908 near Walker's Prairie

MARRIAGE#1: Alzada Helen McQuinn

notes: other marriages? one anecdote mentions that he was in the company of an indian woman, and a law was passed that said if you're sleeping with an indian woman then you have to marry her or face punishment. Guy was supposedly first in line to get a marriage license.

Notes: came from Philidelphia. an outlaw and a scoundrel early in his life, came from an upstanding social family (Pres. Buchanan's parties were held at their house), probably german heritage. Was a surveyor for the government throughout Washington state. Rufus has a lot of info on what Guy did in his life.

From To the Descendants of Rufus L & Ruth Parker, compiled by Rufus W. Parker:

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