old pictures of me and family

One of my very few photos of my father, around 1971. I believe we're in Japan, although it could be Tassajara. At the time he was a carpenter and had recently been ordained a Zen Buddhist priest.
With the Hawai`i parents around 1978

 growing up in Hawai`i...

Age 10, standing with chicken under a papaya tree; peach tree behind me. The house was up above Pa'auilo, once a coffee plantation house. It had a furo and the roof was on rails to (presumably) allow for drying of coffee beans.
On the beach with fellow rugrats. The girl next to me is Elena; when ran into her 15 years later, she was managing a Video Droid store in Larkspur.
Walking around on an active lava flow. Have somebody experienced lead you if you're going to try this. I'm about 17 in this photo and enthusiastically testing the viscosity of the lava (this smooth flowy kind is called pahoehoe).

more recent family pics...

My mom. She teaches yoga and is a devotee of Swami Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Some people think they have the best mom in the world, but actually, i do.
My Hawai`i parents, Jim and Ruthie, wearing the tie-die shirts i got them for Christmas some years back. The green background is actually Mill Valley, not Hawai`i (!)
My stepsister Renee. She lives in Hawai`i and likes to bodysurf.