the early 90's

Me in the Kilauea caldera. The white gas you see is sulfurous steam billowing from the cracks in the ground.<photo by Cher>
The single-lane road leading from the highway to the south point of the Big Island, "southernmost point of the USA". The scene is more vibrant and surreal than the photo can illustrate, with enormous white wind generators, large cows, and grass SO GREEN it looks like Oz.
Around my second year at Sense8, lots of monitors in my work area. The posters on the wall were made by friends Aix & Aya.
In my house in Ahualoa, January '95.
With friends in stopped traffic on the way back from a trip to the snow.
The annual Sense8 hat contest - this entry was my "squid hat."
At burning man '96 in front of the Gateway camp with Mariposa, for which i was "assistant alien caretaker", getting her out there and back safely. <photo by Maureen>
Asleep after dancing at a "Sunset" outdoor rave.
<photo by Maureen>