first year at Intel...

Shamelessly reveling in the corporate marketing program. The BunnyPeopleshowed up at a nearby computer store for disco dancing, software demos, and entertaining the kids - myself included.
The "Techmobile" parked at night in the Intel parking lot. I really want a 3D model of this goofy thing.
Mark Atkins, the interesting fellow that i rented a room from in Santa Clara, directly in the flight path of the San Jose International Airport. Mark is a radical bicyclist and works at Intel as well. As far as i know, he is the only person in all of Silicon Valley to not own a car, for which i respect him immensely.
My tiny, crowded first cubicle. Intel had a policy called "compression" which caused everyone's cubicle to shrink occasionally, like we're all in a giant trash compactor.  I have a slightly large cubicle today.
Erica and i. I'm holding the DC210 in my left hand. The photo turned out really well, but not the relationship.
Wrestling with a giant mechanical squid at the San Jose Tech Museum on my 27th birthday.
Even my unsuspecting relatives (in this case, my cousin Olga at Thanksgiving) are being subjected to evil corporate brainwashing fiendishly disguised as cute toys.
Like raccoons, i have an attraction to shiny reflective objects.
Is messy hair sexy?