burning man 2000

Nothing much happened this year.

Our vague plan was to form an "urban design" camp, and march around with picket signs, demanding higher urban density, better land use for Black Rock City.  I still think it's a great idea - for the people that go to burning man and camp far from each other, not only are they reproducing the sprawl that they probably came from, but they're reducing the chance of meeting their neighbors and having a real community experience.

The plan did not materialize.  Nonetheless, every year has it's highlights -

The inescapable photos!

nowhere.jpg (29570 bytes) Loved this sign in Empire, for those people approaching Burning Man.
emu.jpg (64K) In Empire, a surprise Emu!  Thought it was an Ostrich at first, but some folks down under corrected me.
ben_bike.jpg (44389 bytes)  Me with our new decorated bike, which was sadly lost/borrowed/stolen.  There was supposed to be a lost-and-found for bikes after the event, but it never happened.
cat_shades.jpg (31610 bytes) Cassandra looking cool in techno shades.
cat_bike.jpg (60540 bytes) Cassandra with surreal assault vehicle.
fluffdome.jpg (77249 bytes) The Fluffland dome, full of fluffy things.  We camped next to it, on the noisy end of the city.
phoenix-dj.jpg (97703 bytes) A Phoenix DJ.  Phoenix had the loudest, biggest soundsystem, although the nicest music was at...
nipdome.jpg (18216 bytes) The Illuminaughty camp, with their beautiful decorations and excellent Nipple Dome, which filled with happy ravers hiding from the rain on two stormy nights.  Curiously, there's something about being around people on MDMA that's almost as nice as being on it yourself.
morning.jpg (77914 bytes) Beautiful morning set in the Illuminaughty camp, after the night of the burn.
can.jpg (20021 bytes) I finally managed this year to ceremoniously part with items from my past, the respectful separation way - with fire.