'epiphany goes to hell'
goth rave, halloween 1999

Epiphany is a nice bunch of folks at the core of by the sfraves mailing list community.  Although we were all ravers, most of us had plenty of serious dark gloomy 80s music in our past.. hence, someone had the interesting idea of throwing a 'goth rave'.  It actually turned out great..

wear-black.jpg (54208 bytes) It's easy to pick out the black clothes from your closet...
stickman.jpg (74363 bytes) The DJs gothified their names... Dead Stickman, Shame, Darken...
P0001378s.jpg (48443 bytes) Spinning vinyl in dark cloaks.  Amongst the techno were all kinds of fascinating music from our collective past, even My Bloody Valentine.

altar2.jpg (41573 bytes) P0001371s.jpg (26729 bytes) P0001384s.jpg (42783 bytes) P0001389s.jpg (57317 bytes)
  One thing goths and ravers have in common is they love to construct altars... Black-light rave art meets goth aesthetic.

darken.jpg (45841 bytes)

  C'mon happy rave DJs... try to frown and look depressed.
ghoul.jpg (55389 bytes) GabberGhoul.
fern_wings.jpg (62020 bytes) Dark angel Fernando in the chill space.