kyoto missive 2

Shopping and tourism

Hi everyone back home. Here's another update.

Tuesday i went shopping. Big time. I took the subway to downtown Kyoto and spent hours amongst the crowded shops, malls, and department stores. In the morning, the sky was dark and ominous, opening into a torrential downpour on and off throughout the day. Undeterred, the stores were pack with shoppers, calmly materializing umbrellas to cross the street. I totally loved the rain - it reminds me of my childhood and adds an emotional charge to everything i do.

Imagine every store taking as little space as possible, stacked up upon themselves in frenetic density, packed with people acting like it's the last shopping day before xmas. Totally wacko - and my friends assure me that Kyoto pales in comparison to Tokyo, which i expect to see next week.

I bought various things, the most expensive being a recording MiniDisc player - the MD is really popular over here, and this gives me a way to record the sounds of Japan as i walk around.

Wednesday was more sightseeing. Rob's friend Akiko took me around Kyoto with 2 friends of hers - we walked around the imperial grounds, saw Nijo castle and Kinkaku-ji. I think i've seen all the large historical sights in Kyoto now, and my legs are tired.

Tomorrow i take the train to Mishima, which is the closest stop to Mt. Fuji where the Rainbow 2000 rave will be. I'll send another update after that event.

Hugs to everyone back home,

rob, maki, and new minidisc player

rob & maki again (they're so cute!)

akiko trying to hide from the camera

with akiko & friends