Spritual Energy System


A Magpie's Nest i like 'polyglot' (and her very short stories)
Alex Grey visionary artist, i can't pick a favorite work
Electric Art Gallery see the Amazonian galley - someday i want to own a Pablo Amaringo
Galerie Sublimatio beautiful smooth style
HARA-H (in Japanese) - fantastic stylized shapes and creatures
Image Savant just pretty
Lysergic Labs Gallery abstract, and well, trippy
Prime8 Gallery how to describe? retro-modern, not post-modern. very colorful.
Scott Draves' fractals far more beautiful than the Mandelbrot set
SPLEEN a lot of cool art that you can get lost in
WebMuseum for all the traditional art in the world
Varmint's art scifi/fantasy renderings - i like 'blue lady'


The Simulator 'interactive' web art with social meaning

written smart, hip, visionary commentary
Awaken! the page that launched a thousand personal sites
Works of Hakim Bey e.g. TAZ - hypnotic, fascinating, inspiring
Alive & Free because information wants...
{fray} personal and community storytelling
Scrapbook of a Haight Ashbury Pilgrim intriguing history
The Field Guide to North American Males funny, often accurate, social commentary


electric sheep my favorite comix author - indescribable stories
Red Meat psychologically incorrect humor


surrealism and math humor
A Drug War Carol political history
Modern Tales safety (and talent) in numbers
Derek Kirk / lowbright evocative storytelling
Too Much Coffee Man just fun
User Friendly
Angst Technology
daily geek humor
Zippy satire, surrealism, non-sequitors!


Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu a hula halau (dance troupe) which does a different, fantastic performance in SF each year - especially brilliant was The Natives are Restless in 1999
George Coates Performance Works i've seen a few of these performances; the best was Box Conspiracy in 1993