music i love

pretty, soft, dreamy, plush, spooky, harmonious
music which swirls, hums, buzzes, and floats

I was a Cocteau Twins fan for many years. In case you own Heaven or Las Vegas, trying playing Pitch the Baby and singing along with these words i came up with.

Cranes are a 'goth' band w/female vocals and beautiful, haunting melodies often underscored by unsettling noise and intense emotion.  I recommend starting with wings of joy or forever.

Dead Can Dance incorporated elements of tribal, medieval, ethnic, religious, goth and folk music into their own synthesis.

The Durutti Column has created many masterful albums over the past 22 years, driven by the unique and varied guitar work of Vini Reilly.

Lycia is from Arizona, soft dark noise, intensely gothic and beautiful. I recommend starting with the burning circle then dust.

Madredeus : Portuguese acoustic band w/beautiful female vocals. I recommend starting with o espĂ­rito da paz.

Stereolab are a experimental drone rock band with lyrics in English and French. i particularly love their songs with rich harmonies and female vocals.  The last few albums have been very sparse and bleepy; i recommend the earlier albums, eg. switched on.. or mars audiac quintet.

Orange - Orange : SF dreamy intense band w/beautiful female vocals.  A must-have for fans of early Cocteau Twins.  Hard to find, and the record label only existed from 1990 to 2003..

Silvania - Spanish duo, experimental droney soft music w/male vocals, sometimes sounds like early Slowdive.  Paisaje III is the album to get first.

Faith and Disease - Seattle 'goth' band, beautiful female vocals, Fortune His Sleep is the album to get.

Ivy - Realistic wanders through jangly pop with pretty female vocals, the second album Apartment Life is even better.

Dubstar have some wonderful songs, including some of the closest thing to Lush songs i've yet found.

Vanessa Daou - Zipless is breathy, jazzy, and sensual with.. you guessed it, soft female vocals.  Her other albums aren't recommended unless you really loved Zipless.


There's a genre of early-90s British noise music call "shoegazing" that i like enough to give it its own page.


Projekt Records dewdrops 4AD
Slumberland seems to have vanished, and Creation doesn't
support any of their old bands anymore..

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