people from my childhood

I didn't know all these people well, but they were the other kids in my community in Hawai`i growing up, so they should be around my age now, twenty-somethings. I'll be annotating them with net references as i find them, but none of them have a web page yet!

Jeremiah Oldfather is a searching soul. He is fairly settled in California now, bought a house in the east bay (Kensington), studying holistic healing.
Charles Oldfather
surfs a lot, still lives in Hawai`i.
Laura Oldfather
went to UCSC and spends most of her time back in Hawai`i. She travels.
Sylvan Waller
went to Brown, spent some time as a research biologist, and lived for some time in SF.  As of 2001, he was on the east coast, going through medical school.
Caitlyn Waller
went to Brown, then?
Meadow's 27th Birthday Meadow Turkel
lives in Escondido, CA.  After living on Oahu for many years, and a 4-year marriage (-> Meadow Welsh), she is an accredited jeweler/gemologist/designer.  She has email.
Autumn Turkel
lives in Santa Barbara, going to school for Graphic Design, doing web work.  His partner since 1998 is named Michelle.  He has email.
Mark Montgomery
went to UH Manoa and majored in Japanese.  I think he's back on the big island.  He was set to be married in May 2000.
Daniel Montgomery
lives in Waimea
Ben TaylorBen Taylor
got a B.A. in Art and Semiotics from Brown, and worked for years as a consultant at CTP, in Boston / New York, culminating in the position of Chief Internet Architect - in 2000, at NerveWire as Vice President, Business Innovations
Maria Taylor
went to Brown and may still live on the east coast
Chris Jaeckle
is an artist, was still living in Ahualoa for many years, doing some work around the neighborhood.  he had email.   I think he finally went to Europe for art school.
Jacob Jaeckle
has stayed in Hawai`i.  He has worked both as a bartender in the nicer hotels and helping Richard Waller with landscaping.
Eben Andrews
lives in Santa Cruz, with spouse Tina (since 1991), and son (born 1997), recently working toward a digital design degree.  They have email.
Christina Andrews  is an flight attendant based in Chicago, she comes back to Ahualoa quite often
Elena Staab
lives in Marin County and at one point in the early 90's managed a Video Droid store.
Ira Staab
lives on the island and bought a house in the Kalopa area.  In 1998 encountered him working at Cafe Pesto in Kawaihae.
Mimi Knowles
went to CTP a couple of years ago (referred by Ben Taylor) in Boston, then recently  moved to San Francisco.  She designs interfaces for e-commerce web sites.
David Knowles graduated from Northeastern and (99.08.19)  is currently working as a chef  in Boston. He'll be heading to Europe in the next few months and then possibly to LA to pursue acting.
went to Mills, still lives in the bay area, saw my stepbrother Michael occasionally through the 1990s.
Erika Hazelhof
is now living in the Netherlands - though i think she changed her name back to Meadow.
Kristin Speigel
went to Bennington and is a Montessori teacher.  She rented my house in Ahualoa for 5 years before buying the Pelfrey house in Waimea in 2001.
Shaina Speigel
went to college in Tahoe.  She now lives and works near San Diego?
Aaron Friend
is a damn fast cross-country runner, worked as a chef for years, but now?
Felicia Friend
is a teacher living in Kona and has email
Spinnaker Wyss-Johnsen is seriously into kayaking. She is married and spends part of each year administering an email system for the Distance Delivery Consortium in Bethel, a remote village in Alaska, with email
John-Marc De Wilde sent me email once.  Not sure what became of his siblings Mike, Sam, and Anne.
SamiSami Goldman is a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch, in Honolulu (work email)