Notes on a desirable interactive console

I want a fully interactive computer, size of a laptop monitor, touch-sensitive, no keyboard, wireless networking.

There's no affordable one yet, but i try to keep track of what exists.

(After assembling this table myself around 2000 with sporadic updates, i note that someone has put together a serious list, the iAppliance Web - Appliance Directory)

  • Aqcess Technologies Qbe Personal Computing Tablet
    • 400 MHz, 96-256 MB RAM, 6/12 GB drive, CDROM
    • 13.3" XGA Active Matrix Color TFT
    • 270K Pixel Color CCD camera
    • Capacitive TouchPen Overlay
    • Smartcard (Read/Write) Magnetic Strip Reader
    • firewire, PCMCIA, etc.
    • 2 hours on standard battery (upgradeable)
    • Win98, ParaGraph® PenOffice™ handwriting recognition software
    • L&H Voice XpressTM Professional speech recognition software, noise-filtering microphone headset
    • $2850 base price
Stylistic LT C-500
  • Fujitsu Stylistic LT - one of their large line of pen computers
    • 2.4 pounds
    • 1.1 inches thick
    • 233 MHz Pentium
    • 64 MB SDRAM
    • 4.3 GB hard drive
    • 8.4" color SVGA display (TFT optional)
    • $3265
  • Anigma WebMan / WebSlate
    • WebSlate is a tablet-like device, roughly 7 by 10 inches, 1-inch thick and weighing less than 2.5 pounds. It contains a 200 MHz Intel StrongARM processor, Microsoft Windows CE operating system, Spyglass' Device Mosaic browser for Windows CE, Lithium Ion batteries, 8 MB of RAM, 6 MB of flash ROM and an 8.2 inch DSTN color LCD with integrated touch screen.

  • GeneSys and Ramline products from Xplore Technologies
    • "aluminum housing is fully resistant to the dust, dirt, humidity, moisture and blowing rain, unit is sealed for maximum protection of internal components and the LCD screen"
    • display: up to 800 x 600 10.4"
    • HD up to 12 GB
    • software: Win95, 98 or NT
webpad_160.jpg (6564 bytes)
  • Cyrix WebPad "reference design"
    • "proof-of-concept for low-cost, portable web browsing device that could enable mass adoption of Internet access", no estimated price
    • display: 800x600x16 10.4"
    • software: ran QNX, included a pop-up soft keyboard
    • peddie comments
    • never became a product