Pictures of the Dymaxion Car

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Some are from the out-of-print book "The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller", (c) Robert W. Marks 1960
See also the figures from the patent.

Scale drawings of Car #1
View of the Bridgeport plant building during the car's development.
Starling Burgess seated at the wheel of Car #1, before the chassis was road tested.
Chassis of Car #1
Body construction of Car #1
Car #1 in the factory
Rolls out of the Bridgeport factory on July 12, 1933
Fuller and Starling Burgess with Car #1
Crowds lined the private speedway to watch the first road tests.  Extending through the roof above the driver's seat is the car's rear view periscope.
Side view of Car #1.
Shown next to a contemporary Franklin.
Burgess (left) and Flyer "Al" Williams (right), who later bought the car.
Ralph de Palma, who brought the first Fiat to the USA, standing beside Car #1.

Curiously, some photos of Car#1 show a round glass windshield, others show a segmented windshiel.d
Comparison of relatively heavy two-frame structure of the Car #1 (right) with the delicate three-frame structure introduced (left) in Car #2.
Construction details, Car #2.
Testing the wheels of Car #2 for strength and load distribution.
Car #2, complete.  Headlights are recessed in the the body, providing air intake.
Another picture of Car #2.
The 1933 Dymaxion car used the same engine and drive train as the Ford of the same year next to it.
Car #3 at the Chicago World's Fair.
1935 From: Mary Herner Freeman []
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was looking at your web site and your pictures of the dymaxion car. When my father, Raymond C. Herner, was working for the Bureau of Public Roads in the research division, their labs and testing ground were located at the Experimental Farm of the Department of Agriculture across the road from the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. Somewhere around 1935 Buckminster Fuller came to the Farm and brought his Dymaxion car to demonstrate it.  I have a couple photos of the car from when Mr. Fuller brought it to the site.   

From: Doug Gary []
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007
This is a picture of a Dymaxion that was used by my grandfather's bottling company for advertisement.  I'm not sure what the exact date of the picture.  According to my grandfather's brother, this vehicle was picked up in Washington, DC, and driven down to Charlotte, NC.  It was lost in a fire when the operator forgot to put on the gas cap after filling up.

Car #3 rediscovered in Brooklyn in 1944.
Car #3 at the Wichita, Kansas airport next to a Republic Seabee amphibian plane, which was owned and piloted at the time by Fuller.
Concept illustration for Car #4, never built.
Bucky and his car pose with his 26' Fly's Eye dome during his 85th birthday party at the Windstar Foundation in Snowmass, Co. in 1981
Car #2 at the National Auto Museum in Reno, Nevada, in 1999.  At the time of the photo, there was a sign in front of the car explaining that the interior isn't finished yet (hence the painted-over windows).

Many more pictures from the museum at The Dymaxion: My pilgrimmage to Reno

Many more pictures like this one, from the museum, are on Max Hall's webpage  The Dymaxion: My pilgrimmage to Reno
Appears to be Car #3, from a collector of old photographs
Reportedly an interior photo of Car #1.