Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 21:55:41 -0400
From: Sandy Hawkins <>
Subject: Dymaxion car
Years ago, I talked with a musician who knew Leopold Stokowski well and I
mentioned the Dymaxion Car. He said that the way it steered and handled
terrified Stokowski the few times he drove it. It was very sensitive to
winds and would veer suddenly without much warning. I now wish I'd asked him
some more questions. Stokie was a total car nut, BTW.
I looked under the car when it was in New York. They just restored the body;
underneath is pretty rusty and beat up. It's clearly a hand built prototype
but the chassis and subchassis were quite well constructed.
It didn't look like an impossible task to recreate one. A few movie car
shops could probably build one for around $400,000.
Still, it would be fun to have one. BTW, modern tires might make it a little
easier to drive.