Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2008

My 2 brothers and I rode in it with Fuller in 1934. I was not yet six years old. He was visiting author friend Christopher Morley, and we saw the car sitting in the driveway. As we peered inside, Fuller came out ..
wanted to go get cigarettes, would we like a ride?
We rode sitting on what seemed a deep couch in the back...and he was high, upfront. Kind of like riding in a tailwheel DC-3 berfore takeoff,

He was proud as he demonstrated how it could make a tight U-turn (on Mineola Av) in Roslyn, NY.

I dont recall unique sounds : all cars were noisy in 1934.

My memory is that the car was grey/blue, and the upholstery seemed gray blue.

I believe that Fuller later that day took the car to New York City where news cameras
recorded him giving a ride to Amelia Earhart.

Decades later, he was again in Roslyn, at the dedication of the  Christopher Morley Park.
I was then a big adult, and he was older, small and frail.  I thanked him then for having given us a memorable ride in his car.

Peter Viemeister
Bedford, Virginia