= ni = sun, = hon = origin,
日本 = nihon = origin of the sun (japan),
= go = language, therefore
日本語 = nihongo = japanese

To use Japanese on the web, you need:

So, i tried KanjiKit97:

This is me trying to type hiragana in FrontPage97 using KanjiKit97: ?テュ ?ツス ?ツオ ?テュ ?テ? ?テア ?テ? ?ツキ

this is me trying to type kanji and katakana: ?? ?テュ ?x ???? ?テ? ?ツキ ?

Doesn't seem to work - i only see the correct characters for as long as KanjiKit is running. As soon as i exit, it reverts to bogus characters. Not only that, but the pages i save subsequently look bogus in IE3.

here is some hiragana copied and pasted from another page: まみどりの

and some kanji from that page: 毎日新聞夕刊取材記事の紹介

the above two examples look fine in FrontPage, and fine in IE when IE is set to "Auto Select", but look bogus when KanjiKit is running! Aargh. Besides, copying text from other pages is not an ideal way to write :-)

Someday i'd like to have my entire site available in日本語...
perhaps services such as the Machine Translation might help.