From: "Laurent Piguet" <>
Organization: Fourth Planet, Inc.
Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 11:22:05 +0000
Subject: WebSight


Thanks for your note about WebSight on our web page...

This product is not very far along. We had to give up effort on this because of other opportunities. Basically, we left it at a point where we could "scout" entire sites and create a VRML model of the site's structure. Clicking on a page in the VRML world would link you to statistics about the page, etc.

This was a very good way to correlate your "internal" perception of what your web site looks like with reality. In particular, it allowed us to detect a few bad links in our own site! Just looking at the model yields a lot of information about the site's structure, how well it is balanced, potential bottlenecks, etc...

Call me and let me know if you would like more info.

Laurent Piguet
Fourth Planet
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