Ben Discoe
Oakland, CA
(408) 646-9160    Skype: bdiscoe

I am looking for a C++ developer position leveraging my 20 years of experience (in 3D and/or Visualization and/or Geo) within reasonable transit distance of Oakland.



Example Work

lidar 2011: Design and implementation of a rendering framework and testbed for efficiently paging very large LIDAR datasets (hundreds of GB), built on Qt and OSG.  This example shows points colored by laser intensity, and a gradient profile section.
VTP Enviro Design and implementation of the software for the Virtual Terrain Project, a set of Open Source libraries and applications which enable the rapid construction of interactive 3D scenes from geospatial data for anywhere on the planet.  Fully internationalized UI supporting a user community in 132 countries. Creation and maintenance of a corresponding website acknowledged as the globally leading information source on the subject of terrain visualization.
Map Search Implemented real estate map search for Clark Realty, with PHP/SQL on the server generating JavaScript on the client, AJAX to the mapping API, and a C preprocessor to convert/reproject parcel boundary GIS data from Shapefile to WKT for database storage.  Refined the UI based on client feedback.  Notable for being the only regional property search to display the polygon outline of every property in a slippy map.


Other Activities