photos 2003, part 1

In January 2003 i moved out of Bayside Village and stayed with my parents in Oakland for a few weeks.  My fairy godmother Wende came by a bunch to help me pack up, move out and clean up.
In Oakland, the parents bought a computer, and for a while there were 3, including mine and Granny's, all sharing the same DSL line...
When i arrived in New York mid-February, there was snow!  The "blizzard of '03" had just left several feet of snow on the city, which turns rapidly into dark, yucky slush on the streets and sidewalks.  This is the block of Suffolk St. in the Lower East Side on which i stayed with Keone and Beth.  I knew Keone from high school in Hawai`i, and was totally delighted to stay with them while looking for an apartment!

Keone: portrait of the artist in his studio.
Me happily ensconced in their spare room... with DSL even!

Art photography at local Burrito place.  The blurs, left to right: Beth, their friends Emily, and Keone.

I like how the saturated colors came out in this pic of Keone.
Beth showed me this local place which makes large, incredibly delicious donuts which are amazing made with organic flour and organic sugar!!
Unbelievably yummy.  Donut flavors on the day of this picture: Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio, Valrhona Chocolate.  With organic coffee, too.  Even churros!  Website: The Doughnut Plant.
My commute: walk 2 short blocks to the Delancey/Essex subway station, and catch the J/M/Z line.  2 stops to Canal, then 4 short blocks to work.
I got an apartment on the fifth floor of a walk-up.  This picture shows the way it looked the day i moved in, no furniture yet, the other two rooms have roommates in them.  The view is to the east toward Brooklyn.

in late March, i went on my first date with Deb.  as we've been a couple ever since, the the rest of the year has lots of pictures of her