biographical factoids
(small things shaped like facts?)

name: ben discoe
born: Nov 1970, monterey california usa
hair: brown slowly turning silver
eyes: blue or grey depending on surrounding light
spirituality: not really (skeptic)
sexual preference: effectively hetero
drugs of choice: sugar, vitamin C, various tryptamines and phenylthylamines
music: techno / trance / ambient / shoegazer / dreampop
interests: sustainable agriculture, techno, virtual reality, 3d geometry, geography and languages, pondering the shape of the web, virtual humans and virtual terrain
dominant senses: spatial, tactile, auditory
employment: realtime 3D software engineer... see the resume
current residence: ahualoa, island of hawai'i
animals: squid, iguanas, slugs, chinchillas
colors: dark green, saturated purples and all shades of blue
education: caltech dropout
idiosyncrasies: owns 1 pair of shoes
always writes "i" in lowercase
many others - heck, this site is full of them
likes: rain, soft fabrics, ice cream, tropical fruit, cats, bicycles, viridian things
dislikes: shopping malls, cars, cigarettes and alcohol, anger, freeways, professional sports, suits and ties, clearcutting, dogs, television (with some exceptions), and the so-called 'war on drugs'
food: omnivorous (prefers large burritos)
philosophy vaguely zen, with occasionally weirder beliefs
species: cyberdorkus techno - i like shiny things
life story: yes... but it's potentially boring
related to: a tree of relatives