(all the old pages are still online and alive.. click 'em)

Plain Page

in 1995, i made this simple page, tables and text and one image it was OK

Experimental Page

then i experimented with the idea of representing a glimpse of each page as its link, so that you have a grasp of where each link goes people said the page had an ugly, uneven layout and was "too much information"

Experimental Page (modified)

so i tried again.. the spheres looked prettier and more symmetric, but legibility was lost

Site Map as Home Page

next i tried the idea of using a site map as a home page i confess, i love maps

one drawback to a pretty graphical map is that browser history can't show you were you've been

also, it seems silly to have a hierarchy since using a comprehensive map effectively flattens your site, and intermediate pages become rather pointless as well


i decided to give my site a name ("washed ashore") - an attempt to give the site more human feeling

i don't want to just put out a bunch of dry mental exercises - this is my life on these pages!

to me, personal writings on the web are something like messages carefully tucked into bottles and cast adrift - never knowing if anyone might read them - never knowing whose silicon shoreline they might wash up on

since this bottle has washed ashore on your beach, won't you please email me and let me know what you think and feel?