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yup, another exercise in ego and
sheep awareness, assembled at 3 AM

97.04.27 Split up virtual humans into multiple pages, added more images and review of two VRML2 humans
97.04.26 More art, updates to my people page including Nino (another cognitive scientist!)
97.04.20 Added weirdness page, and some actual content for the virtual humans page, including a survey of available human models
97.04.18 Virtual humans page! No real content yet, but decent links and rants for now.
97.04.14 New links and text on my Spam page - i recommend the awesome Fuller Projection Satellite Wall Map available from the World Game Institute
97.04.10 Updated my long-neglected people page, added Varmint to my art page
97.04.01 Added more lovely sites to my art page: after dinner / an entirely other site / maggy's world / and another 12 relatives.
97.03.26 Added a screenshot of the bat virtual prototype, a tetrahedron fact sheet, and another 13 relatives.
97.03.25 Maureen put a blurb about me on her people page.
97.03.24 Added 28 new relatives to my family tree after meeting my grandfather for the first time.
97.03.21 Added the tryptamine pages from herbweb to my entheogen page.
97.03.20 Today the web found my grandfather.
His name is Charles Discoe, and nobody i know had seen him in 45 years. Using several searchable online white pages, i found 40 people with my same last name. Contacting them led to my grandfather, living on 5 acres of land in Santa Cruz. It turns out he also had other children, so there's two uncles, an aunt, and 6 cousins around my age. We talked on the phone and i'm looking forward to meeting him!
97.03.19 Updated the Orange and Dewdrops links on my music page.
97.03.17 New notes and screenshot of the 3D work-in-progress on my Spam page (no, NOT the slimy meat product).

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