how washed ashore came to be...


06.07.19 I think i forgot to mention, i created the site last year to point to various local things.  Nowadays, a lot of my web noodling, such as pages about chickens and tea, goes on there, rather than here on washedashore.
06.07.17 New link for Scott Slippers on Zori
06.07.07 Added Ladybug2 to surround video
06.07.06 Added tiny UAVs ( to elevation.
06.07.01 The NYTimes says: "Suddenly, flip-flops are ubiquitous in what were once dressed-up settings."
06.05.05 Desperately prodding this site into the present, i updated my life story, and attempted to put a coda on the friendster spider pages, most notably adding vizster.


05.11.20 Hmmm, i seem to be slipping further and further behind.  Even major things like getting married in July didn't make it into a site update, threatening to turn this site of mine into a historical snapshot of the last millennium.
05.04.13 Added RoundShot to surround video
05.03.17 Finally! Romania '04 is online.
05.03.03 Totally re-created my family tree chart, filled it in with many genealogical updates.
05.03.02 Updated dymaxion car notes with mention of the Fascination
05.01.05 Added another batch of pictures from early 2004 (2)
05.01.04 Added another batch of pictures from early 2004 (1) - slowly catching up..


04.12.16 Yup, i am now engaged to be married - ring and all that - date is set for July 2 on the Big Island.
04.12.02 Added Trip to Big Island January 2004... yow, took 10 months to get around to it.
04.06.10 Added a virtual human book, updated places to buy music
added Papyrus Australia to more links...
04.06.08 Added another page of pictures, catching up to the end of 2003.  Now i'm only 6 months behind..
04.03.31 Added Tango to electric vehicles
04.03.30 To keep the site fresh (or at least alive), updated around 100 links


03.12.08 Added Olas Sol Socks and more toe sock stuff to zori
03.11.14 Put up another batch of pictures.
03.11.13 Second release of the friendster spider, now smaller and faster
03.09.29 Fall arrived today in New York City.  It's strange having clearly discernable seasons.
03.09.22 The film Lost in Translation - best movie of the year, it goes directly onto my list of favorites. The soundtrack is unbelievably good.
03.09.21 Went and saw the Dalai Lama in Central Park
03.09.17 Added romania '03
03.08.14 Added stuff to future steps in friendster
03.08.06 Added much more to the friendster page including spider with source
03.07.31 Added people around me on friendster to people
hmmm... this is one of the best music reviews i have ever read.  not for an album, or a song, but for a specific 40 seconds of one song.
03.07.30 Big link cleanup, and some pages like spam and why? updated to reflect the passage of time
03.07.28 Added another account of a Dymaxion car sighting in the 1970s
Updates to electric vehicles and more links
03.03.30 Re-organized photos page, added a few more pix here and there, added Wende to people
03.03.28 Finally put some New York stuff on photos 2003,
03.03.25 Added some family pix from last December to the bottom of photos 2002,
03.03.03 I'm in New York City.  It's COLD.  People here think renting a room for $1200 is normal.
Updated my page on Cassandra.
03.01.28 I'm moving from SF to New York, résumé updated to show temporary Oakland address
03.01.09 Added High and Mighty: SUVs and The Detroit Project to DGOVs


02.11.26 Added some miscellaneous photos from 2002
Added PAL 360° Lens System to surround video
02.11.17 Added Image Savant and George Coates to art
02.10.21 Added The Elements Song to humor
02.10.20 Updated iMove on surround video (i guess they got more funding)
02.09.17 Updated learning romanian, fixed all the Sense8 links
02.09.13 fixed over a hundred broken links (every single one)
02.09.08 Many updates on people, finally gave Cassandra her own page (a few years late...)
Added Norman Bel Geddes to the dymaxion car notes
02.08.10 Added descriptions to the art links
Added the Draganflyer3 to elevation
02.08.01 A few updates on surround video
02.07.30 Finally sold my car, my ecological self-esteem grew two notches.
Expanded the life story a bit.
As of this month, i'm employed full-time by Vision for New York / Open Planning Project in Manhattan, for which i'll be flying back and forth from SF. (added to résumé)
02.07.19 Added another point of feedback to DESH, a book to learning Romanian
02.06.11 Would somebody please buy my adorable car? 1997 Honda Civic CX Hatchback $6000
02.05.13 Put Itron/Linesoft on my résumé
02.05.13 Added some web links for two of my parents,  ruthie & jim
added mirko's phonetic spelling to my phonetic spelling page
added dymaxion passengers to the dymaxion car page
02.04.08 Added MIT's miniature helicopter to elevation
02.03.18 A little new stuff on the hawai`i page
02.02.20 Updated contact info on the résumé


01.11.23 Added FullView and FlyAbout to surround video
Updated some people from my childhood
01.10.06 Added Trip to Big Island September 2001
01.09.23 Added RemoteReality products to surround video
01.09.04 Added a family history to the dymaxion car notes
01.08.18 Updated my résumé, improved links in the life story.
01.08.11 Have you ever heard my favorite joke?
01.08.07 Reorganized Photos, added Magic and Pets
01.06.16 I've started using CSS (in a small way) on this page.  One benefit is that it's 25% smaller.
01.05.26 Recently i've really gotten into learning Romanian
01.05.16 Oh yeah, forgot to mention some new humor a while ago
01.05.13 Added Parabounce to elevation
01.04.19 Happy Bicycle Day!  I now link to the official Santo Daime site on the entheogens page
01.04.10 New page: pañacocha
01.03.29 I started a new job at Virtual Technologies Inc. in Palo Alto, a 2-hour train ride from home.
01.02.18 Got DSL finally!!  In the throes of joy, i fixed and updated over 50 links
01.02.01 My résumé is back online - i'm employable now
01.01.09 Added photos 2000 and a trip to cuba
01.01.08 Added a trip to beijing and epiphany gothic
01.01.07 Finally added burning man 2000 - happy new millennium!


00.11.29 Fixed dozens of dead links
00.11.21 Rearranged the front page
00.11.16 I turned 30 today.  Can i still trust myself?
00.09.14 Updated elevation with new information about the possibility of helium flight
00.08.13 Updated DESH
00.08.07 Added TRP to entheogens
(my page got linked from a Salon article today..  woo hoo!)
00.06.04 Combating decay, fixed around 30 links
00.03.07 Moved to new web hosting on with a Linux/Apache server!
00.01.13 Happy new year!  Updated entheogens.


99.12.11 Updated electric vehicles
99.12.03 Reorganized music into techno and non-techno
99.11.29 Updated phonetic spelling in response to some good feedback
99.11.28 All of the virtual terrain and virtual hawai`i pages have moved to their new domain  ... what's left here is mostly the personal and the miscellaneous
99.09.21 Finally got around to the burning man'99 page itself
99.08.05 Lots of activity in burning man'99 plans
99.07.16 Changed main text and did cleanup on virtual humans
99.05.28 Added polyhome and a few more relatives, and a couple more photos
99.05.23 Small update to burning man '99 ideas
99.05.09 Reorganized and added more personal photos
99.04.14 Fresh info and a 3d model added to dymaxion car
99.03.31 Added kite aerial photography to elevation
99.03.05 Lots of link fixes and small tweaks
99.01.27 Expanded dymaxion car notes to include more pictures and a chronology
99.01.12 More info on elevation, added a page on a surround video idea


98.12.16 Small updates to DGOVs and hawai`i animals.
98.11.19 Added a little idea about elevation
98.11.17 Added another illustration to overbeck, more info to DGOVs, tweaked homepage images
98.11.16 I turned 28 today.
98.11.12 Small update to art
98.11.09 Added a page on book references to the dymaxion car
98.11.08 Added a few more pictures and descriptions to the music pages
Added a page on the overbeck spiral
98.11.07 Filled in some detail on how to save the world, put a phonetic spelling link on the homepage, and added an online shopping link to zori
Split off the noisier bands to a shoegazer page, added some obscure favorites
Small update to bike maps
98.11.05 Added save the world (just a shell so far)
98.11.04 Updated my long-neglected people page a bit
98.11.03 Updated electric vehicles
98.10.19 Merged music into a single page, updated it slightly.
98.10.13 Added burning man '98 and fixed over 100 dead links.. hours of fighting entropy
98.10.12 Lots more stuff in virtual hawai`i, around 30% growth.  I've been working hard on that project for a long time, which is why the rest of the site was neglected for over 2 months...
98.06.03 Added epiphany pix, added HARA-H to art
Added mariva and cassandra to people
98.05.23 Added section on v-human programs for end-users, quake2 PPMs to model sources
98.05.20 Significant update and revamp to virtual humans
98.05.18 Cassandra found me a picture for Kurosawa's Dreams
98.04.28 Added much new info to mix-gen
Added The Spiritual Uses of Psychoactives to entheogens
98.04.26 Added a rant on zori
98.04.24 Added conventional site index
98.03.23 Added images to 3D games that ought to be made
98.03.22 Added synergetics to more links, leaving seattle to humor, 2013 and alex grey to art
98.03.21 Added works of hakim bey to art, dennis mckenzie to virtual humans people
98.03.02 Added naked mole rats and bonobo chimpanzees to animals
98.02.06 Added erowid to entheogens
98.02.04 Added friends of the forest to entheogens
Fixed numerous links including hyperreal and sfraves
Added a picture of Misty to people
98.01.09 Added 20 more relative pictures to genealogy
98.01.02 More pictures on people, added frederick


97.12.29 Put other people's input in it's own section
Added Wallace L. Johnston's dymax car notes and bryEnd
97.12.23 Added commentary and analysis to the true meaning of christmas
Added notes to 3d model of dymaxion car
97.12.18 Added the true meaning of christmas
97.12.10 New bands and info in music artists and news
97.12.09 Moved the site to it's own domain,!!
added a new page of photos
97.12.01 Now i love my new Kodak DC210
Added Pad++ to more links...
Added a small postscript to burning man '97
97.11.04 Many little tweaks and updates to art and more links
I love my new Kodak DC120
97.09.28 Finally uploaded my japan trip!
Added the island foundation to entheogens, new people to v-humans people
Tweaked the art page
97.09.25 Totally redid the genealogy chart, added numerous relatives with a lot of biographical text and 15 more photos
97.09.24 Finally finished the burning man '97 page!
97.09.22 New illustration for bicycle maps
97.09.18 Cars are evil and other political ideologies
2 more people pictures
97.09.17 More changes to people, including some new images.
97.08.22 Several changes to reflect my new job and new car
97.07.10 New mutual link to Hiromi (added 2 people and removed 2 people from people).
Added several more pictures to genealogy.
97.06.12 Added websight and more discussion to web maps (animated gif, woo hoo)
Stephen added a link to me. (He lists his interests as Nanotechnology, Experimental film, Virtual Reality, MUD's + MOO's, Electronic music, Animation, Ecological Technology, Insects, Cephalopods, Organic Architecture, Jazz, Graphic Novels, Marine Biology - my kinda guy!)
97.06.08 New movies page
Added frank to VRML human models
97.06.03 New animals page
More humor, cleaned up more links...
97.06.02 New page: electric vehicle notes
More about 2d maps on web maps, including visio
Added the burrito page to biodata, urban diary to art, machine translation to web japanese, suck's SUV article to DGOVs, Hiromi to people, sixdegrees to more links...
97.05.29 Added jpeg degradation and 3d dymaxion car
A few more groovy spots on more links...
97.05.28 Added Allison's poetry to art. When i met her in person i had no idea who she was - though i had already read her poems, and read her writing on geek cereal, i didn't put it together that this was the same person. It's curious how your perspective on someone can change so much when they've written a web page that feels. Then i re-read one of her poems ("Aquaintance") and grasped its meaning.
New links to old friends, Sunny and Keoki in people
97.05.25 Added genre map, merged spew and links since there's no clear boundary between them.
97.05.24 Added web japanese and praise, and more images to the index page
97.05.23 Added an experimental résumé page
Cliff added a link to me. Julie renamed her site to chick jesus and says "ben took to the web like a spider on acid"... wow! thank you julie!
97.05.21 Added Cliff to people, various new links to art and humor, many fixes
97.05.18 Nino calls me a "terminal technowizard". Added another 6 relatives.
97.05.17 Added Julie and Heather to people, new delerium CD to music, and a few more eyes
97.05.10 Added mosaics
97.05.08 Fixed, improved layout, and expanded entheogen, people, and hawai'i pages
97.05.06 More graphic titles, wrote why?, added homing button to bottom of most pages
97.05.04 New home page, significant reorganization, gave the site a name!
97.04.27 Split up virtual humans into multiple pages, added more images and review of two VRML2 humans
97.04.26 More art, updates to my people page including Nino (another cognitive scientist!)
97.04.20 Added weirdness page, and some actual content for the virtual humans page, including a survey of available human models
97.04.18 Virtual humans page! No real content yet, but decent links and rants for now.
97.04.14 New links and text on my Spam page - i recommend the awesome Fuller Projection Satellite Wall Map
97.04.10 Updated my long-neglected people page, added Varmint to my art page
97.04.01 Added more lovely sites to my art page: after dinner / an entirely other site / maggy's world / o l i o, and another 12 relatives.
97.03.26 Added a screenshot of the bat virtual prototype, a tetrahedron fact sheet, and another 13 relatives.
97.03.25 Maureen put a blurb about me on her people page.
97.03.24 Added 28 new relatives to my family tree after meeting my grandfather for the first time.
97.03.21 Added the tryptamine pages from herbweb to my entheogen page.
97.03.20 Today the web found my grandfather.
His name is Charles Discoe, and nobody i know had seen him in 45 years. Using several searchable online white pages, i found 40 people with my same last name. Contacting them led to my grandfather, living on 5 acres of land in Santa Cruz. It turns out he also had other children, so there's two uncles, an aunt, and 6 cousins around my age. We talked on the phone and i'm looking forward to meeting him!
97.03.19 Updated the Orange and Dewdrops links on my music page.
97.03.17 New notes and screenshot of the 3D work-in-progress on my Spam page (no, NOT the slimy meat product).